Juror Information

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Selection Process 

Jurors are randomly selected from a list provided by the Missouri Department of Revenue Driver’s License Bureau and the county’s roll of all registered voters.  If a person is selected for service at any time during one year they will be ineligible for selection for service during the following year.  The law mandates the use of the “random selection” process.  Even though a person is eligible every other year, surveys indicate that 60%-70% of persons who serve have no prior jury service.

Amount of Service & Notification

Each juror will serve approximately a 1 month period during a calendar year.  Jury orientation will be held at 8 a.m. the morning of your first scheduled court appearance. Notification to jurors regarding orientation or upcoming jury trial dates is made by the use of a Jury Information Recorded Message Line. For your convenience, the message line is available 24 hours a day by phoning 573-634-8897. 

Please call the information line after 5 p.m. the evening before your service begins and/or the next scheduled trial date.  For example, if the next jury trial for your panel is Tuesday, May 6, jurors should call the information line after 5 p.m. on Monday, May 5 to see if the trial is going as scheduled.  If your panel is required the next day, the recorded message will inform jurors that they need to be at the Courthouse, parking information and the time to check in the following morning.  If the trial has been disposed and is not going, the recording will state your next scheduled date.

Excused for Specific Days or Weeks

If you are unable to serve on a specific day during your 1 month term of the service, please visit the eJuror website and make that request by selecting the Partial Excuse button.  Please do not exclude more than one week during your term of service.  If more than one week is requested, you may be deferred to a different service period.

Request to be Excused

Since the Board of Jury Commissioners limits the jury service, you will be excused only if service will be a substantial hardship. Inconvenience is not considered a substantial hardship. Prior to 1984, persons over age 65 could be automatically excused; however, the law has been changed so that a hardship is the only valid reason for excusal. If you request to be excused from jury service, please state your reason in writing to the jury commission board. Your written request must be made in a timely manner. Please mail to:
Jury Commission Board
P.O. Box 1870
Jefferson City, MO 65101

You will be notified by mail as to whether your request has been approved or denied.


If an illness or emergency prevents your attendance on the date you have been required to report, call the Court Administrator’s office at 573-659-2302 prior to 8 a.m. on the date you are scheduled to appear. While serving as a juror, you may receive emergency telephone calls at the Circuit Clerk’s Office, 573-634-9150.


On the dates that a jury panel is required, jurors should report to the jury assembly room on the 2nd floor of the courthouse (Room 302) by 8:30 a.m. Please be prompt!

Courthouse Security

Effective November 5, 2008 the Monroe Street entrance to the Cole County Courthouse is the only entrance open to the general public. All who enter are required to pass through a metal detector. Find additional security information.


It is difficult to keep the building comfortable for all persons. Some persons have commented that the building is kept “too hot,” others that it is “too cold.” You may want to bring a jacket or sweater.


Parking is provided in city parking lot 24. Lot 24 is located directly across the street from City Hall and can be accessed from Jackson Street. This lot is one block south of the courthouse. The juror parking is located in the rear portion of Lot 24. All other parking spaces are reserved for city employees or paid individuals. Please do not park in the front row parking spaces near City Hall in Lot 24. These parking spaces are reserved for City Hall visitor parking. You have been issued a parking permit for this parking lot only. Please bring the parking permit with you on days that you are required to report for jury service. Place the permit on the dash of your vehicle.

There is no designated free parking for the public at the courthouse. There are handicapped spaces on the east side of the Courthouse. These spaces are between the courthouse and the county annex building. There is also a handicapped metered space on the west side of the Courthouse on Monroe Street. Accessible public parking is also available in the City Garage located on Madison Street. The accessible handicapped entrance is located on the east side of the courthouse between the courthouse and county annex building.

Verification of Jury Service

Some employers require a statement from the court that verifies your attendance for jury duty. Statements will be provided on the date of trial.

Jury Fees

Jury fees are set by state law. You will be paid $12 per day for each day you are required to appear for jury duty. Panel members selected to hear a given case will receive $18 for each day of the trial. Mileage is only paid if you live outside the city limits. You will receive $0.20 per mile for round trip from your residence to the courthouse. Using your best estimate, compute the round trip mileage from your place of residence to the courthouse. Compensation for mileage and fees are submitted at the end of your service.

Courthouse Demeanor

Cole County has adopted a policy of no eating, drinking, or smoking in public areas. There is also a dress code for those involved in court proceedings. Casual dress is approved as long as it is neat and in good taste.

Court Contacts

Your contact will be with Court Marshals, Court Administrator and Court Clerks, only. It is requested that all questions be referred to them. You must always wear your “Juror” button and refrain from talking to non-jurors, while in the courthouse.

ADA Coordinator

The 19th Judicial Circuit Court has a commitment to ensuring that court facilities are accessible to persons with special needs (American Disabilities Act). If you have a special need regarding access to court facilities, please contact the ADA Coordinator at 573-659-2302. The role of the ADA Coordinator is to facilitate accessibility to the Court’s facilities and services for those citizens with disabilities.

Additional Information

Please refer to "Your Missouri Courts" at Office of State Courts Administrator for further information regarding common questions, contacts, employer information, juror basics and the juror glossary.
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