Child Support Unit

The Cole County Prosecuting Attorney's Office hosts the Jefferson City Regional Child Support Unit. This unit was formed to serve the child support needs of Cole, Callaway, Gasconade, Maries, and Osage counties. Two full-time assistant prosecuting attorneys along with three full-time administrative assistants staff the unit. The attorneys and administrative assistants work closely with custodial parents, non-custodial parents, the court system, employers, and Missouri Probation and Parole.

Types of cases handled by the Child Support Unit

We handle all Paternity Establishment and Support Enforcements cases referred to our office by the Family Support Division (FSD). In order to work any case, it must be sent to our office by FSD. To request a referral to our office, see the contact information below.

Paternity & Support Establishment

If (FSD) is unable to establish paternity and/or a support order through the administrative process, our office will establish a judicial order. In paternity cases, genetic (DNA) testing will be ordered court.

Support Enforcement

Through civil contempt orders and criminal nonsupport charges, we strive to collect child support for children in our five counties. We receive referrals from FSD when they are not able to collect support; we cannot work on a case without a FSD referral. Once a civil contempt case or a criminal nonsupport charge is filed, our office works conjunction with the courts, FSD, and Probation and Parole. In monitoring and working enforcement cases, closely monitored, wage withholdings are issued, driver's licenses are suspended, and liens are placed on real estate, probate estates, workers' compensation claims, and personal injury suits.

How Cases are Referred to Our Office

Cases are referred to the Regional Child Support Unit by FSD when FSD determines that a Prosecuting Attorney Referral is needed. FSD has established criteria and policies that must be exhausted before a referral is made. Before our unit can handle a child support cases, it must be referred to us by FSD. Once we receive a child support case we will promptly contact the parties.

To open your case with FSD for establishment or enforcement:

Call the Child Support Call Center at 1-866-313-9960 or visit their website

Important Contact Information

 Agency/Department  Phone Number  Address
 FSD Website
Child Support Call Center
 866-313-9960 or
 Family Support Payment Center
Automatic Payment Line
(must have IV-D number)
 Family Support Payment Center
Customer Service
 1-888-761-3665  P.O. Box 109003
Jefferson City, MO 65110-9003
 FSD - Customer Relations
(for complaints or problems)
 800-859-7999 or

How & Where to Send a Child Support Payment
Family Support Payment Center (FSPC)
P.O. Box 109002
Jefferson City, MO 65110-9002

Information to Include With Your Payment
    • Court order number
    • IV-D number (8-digit number, such as 12345678)
    • Obligor's name and Social Security number