Traffic Department

The Traffic Department of the Cole County Prosecuting Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting traffic cases under state law without general regard for any administrative licensure actions against defendants that may arise from the convictions we obtain. Because even traffic tickets have a wide range of legal implications, our office encourages all defendants to consult an attorney.
Traffic Stop
Individuals frequently contact our office to request favorable dispositions for traffic matters. Defendants who wish to contact us, and thus represent themselves, must read this letter (PDF) before contacting our office. All communications from those representing themselves must be in writing and contain their names and signatures.

Things to Know
Before contacting us (in writing, as stated above), please know that:
  • Our office does not amend to traffic offenses unrelated to the original offense for which a defendant was cited (for example, our office will not amend a speeding citation to a defective equipment citation unless the vehicle has been shown to be truly defective, or reduce a speeding citation to a nonmoving violation if there is no factual basis for the nonmoving violation).
  • Our office does not amend speeding citations where the speed alleged was higher than 15 miles per hour above the posted speed limit, absent extraordinary circumstances.
  • Defendants with poor driving records are much less likely to receive favorable amendments from this office.