Reserve Department

The Cole County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Program is utilized to supplement full-time deputies to the benefit of the citizens of Cole County.

Reserve Deputy Description

A Reserve Deputy is an individual who has received and maintains peace officers certification in accordance with Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) guidelines set forth by Revised Statutes of Missouri Chapter 590 and the Missouri Department of Public Safety - POST Commission. Reserve Deputies must comply with eligibility requirements established for all regular deputies. The Sheriff at his/her sole discretion, but upon consultation with Command Staff and Deputies, shall determine who may be appointed as a Reserve Deputy.

Reserve Deputies are volunteers and receive no benefit, remuneration, or entitlement, including annual leave, sick leave, etc. Reserve Deputies are provided the same liability protection equal to that provided to fully certified full-time Deputies.

Reserve Requirements

Reserve Deputies are to serve a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer duty in each calendar month. Hour requirements during a calendar year include:
  • 10 hours of Admin/Civil
  • 20 hours of Jail
  • 20 hours of Patrol
  • 70 hours in any category (for an annual total of 120 hours, minimum)
In addition to the 120 hours minimum, Reserves shall work 2 nights at the Cole County Fair consisting of a minimum of 5 hours per night, 1 night of Lincoln University Homecoming Weekend, and provide assistance during the Sheriff’s Barbeque.


Reserve Deputies may perform any duty a fully certified Deputy Sheriff is allowed to perform. Reserve Deputies shall partner with a fully certified Deputy Sheriff, unless specifically approved by the Sheriff. On a case-by-case basis, the Sheriff or his designee, upon consultation with the Command Staff and full-time Deputies, may allow a Reserve Deputy to perform solo duties, including patrol, and grant driving privileges, but limit those privileges to certain assignments, geographic areas, or speeds / non-emergency response.