The Jail Division is responsible for the care, custody, control and transportation of inmates in the Cole County Detention Center. The Cole County Detention Center holds an average of 140 - 150 inmates a day. We are currently capable of holding 207 inmates, with space for future expansion that could double that number.


We book in over 6,000 people a year. This is all done with a staff of 33 full-time Detention Deputies and Jailers, and 12 part-time Detention Deputies and Jailers.


The meals at our facility are prepared by Trinity Services Group, LLC, a contracted food service company. They provide all meals consumed by the inmates.

Medical Care

We also provide contracted medical care for our inmates. We have a nurse on duty 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also have doctors on call.

Inmate Mail

Effective July  1, 2019 the Cole County Jail is instituting a new policy when dealing with inmate mail.  These procedures have proven effective at other jails and we feel they will be helpful in keeping contraband out of our facility. 

 Inmate Mail Policy

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