Inmate Information For Commissary

Commissary Information

Depositing Funds on Inmate Account
There are currently four ways to place funds on an inmate’s account. The funds deposited on the inmates account will allow the inmate to purchase commissary items or make phone calls to anyone they choose. 
    1. The Kiosk machine in the Jail Lobby, will accept either cash or debit/credit cards 
         **There is a $4.00 fee per deposit.** 
     2. The internet by going to 
     3. By Phone at 866-345-1884 
     4. By mailing a money order payable to the inmate to the Jail

Note: debit/credit card deposit can take up to 3-5 business days to be applied to the inmates account depending upon you bank.

To set up a phone account for your phone, go to the internet at or by calling 800-844-6591. This will allow you to prepay for minutes on your phone. The inmate can only use those funds to call your phone number. 
If you are sending money to an inmate via the postal service make sure it is in the form of Money Order made out to the inmates name. There are no deposit fees when using this method.  To send a letter, the address should be:
Cole County Jail
Inmate Name
PO Box 426
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0426
Note: Mail is inspected on a regular basis.