Deputy Marsey and Brava began working together May 1st 2008 after 10 weeks of training and certification. Brava is a German Shepherd Patrol Service Dog who is dual certified in narcotic detection and patrol work. Patrol work includes handler protection, article searching, building searching, tracking and obedience. Brava is certified through the North American Police Work Dog Association.

The K-9 unit has assisted in calls ranging from searching for lost children to tracking wanted criminals, searching for illegal drugs in vehicles and buildings and crowd control for major events among various daily duties. They have also assisted many mid-Missouri law enforcement agencies with K-9 support. Together they appear at numerous events and schools for demonstrations every year.

The K-9 unit works drug and criminal interdiction on the Highways and has been involved in over 300 arrests since it’s inception.
Todd and Brava on an Overpass