Record Your Documents Online ... Safe - Fast - Efficient

The Cole County Recorder of Deeds accepts real estate documents for recording electronically (E-Recording).

The Recorder accepts the following E-Recording services for your convenience...you pick the one that's right for you.

For information, pricing, and to sign up for their service, you must contact them directly:

SIMPLIFILE (Jeff Pettine)
(631) 626-2183
Email - Jeff.Pettine@ice.com
Website - simplifile.com

 iCounty Technologies, LLC (Stacy Atkison)
(417) 818-4299
Email - stacy.atkison@icounty.com
Website - http://erecord.icounty.com

 CSC (Kevin Kinderman)
(866) 652-0111
Email - erecording@cscglobal.com
Website - www.erecording.com

You may also contact:
Judy Ridgeway, Cole County Recorder of Deeds
(573) 634-9114