Records Search

Public Records

The Cole County Assessor's office has a policy to make public records as open and easy to obtain as possible while understanding the privacy and security concerns of citizens. All records are available for copying during normal working hours and a computer terminal is also available in the office for those who would like to search our viewable database. Maps are available for viewing in our office in either digital or paper format.

Interactive Mapping

The Cole County Assessor's Office provides real estate information on a free interactive mapping website. This mapping website is available as a free service to the public.  Visit and click on the MidMOGIS Map link to view the interactive map.

Many inquiries for information can be handled by telephone. Certain specific and detailed information, or multiple information requests, may require a visit to the office.

Nominal fees are charged for the cost of reproducing documents. Additional fees may be charged for research and preparation time depending on the scope and requirements of the information request.