Probate Division


Our purpose is to provide accurate and timely record keeping in a respectful and professional manner.

The Probate Division is a part of the Circuit Clerk’s office civil division. The Probate Division handles cases involving minors where they receive funds or are in need of a guardian, cases involving persons who need a 96-hour mental health commitment or an individual unable to manage themselves or their property due to a mental disability. Any case involving a deceased person and his property is found in the Probate Division.


The Probate Division of the Circuit Clerk’s office is responsible for, but not limited to:
Filing and retrieval of all court documents and the creation of court dockets, scheduling of law days, and entering judgments/orders. Entries of court activity can be accessed on most cases through Your Missouri Courts.

In addition to maintaining the case files, the Probate Division mandates annual accounting of all minor and decedent’s estates. Forms are mailed annually to ensure compliance with the law.

For more information please contact the Probate Clerk at 573-634-9177.

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