Department Overview


Prior to 2009, EMS in Cole County was provided by the local healthcare systems with both SSM Saint Mary’s and Capital Region Medical Center both providing ambulance service at various points in history. In 2008 the citizens of Cole County passed a .5% sales tax to fund a county wide EMS service. Cole County EMS subsequently began operations on July 19, 2009. Today, Cole County EMS operates as a division of Cole County Government with direct oversight by the Cole County Commission.


Community Centered, Patient Focused

Mission Statement (What we do)

Protect the life and wellbeing of the citizens and visitors of Cole County, Missouri, by providing the highest quality pre-hospital medical care.

Vision Statement (What we are working towards) 

Our vision is to deliver high-quality emergency medical services with pride, integrity, and a commitment to clinical excellence. As an organization, we are committed to being early adopters of new technology and clinical advancements to improve patient outcomes. Our organization also recognizes the importance of being upstanding stewards of public funds. Therefore, Cole County EMS is constantly striving to deliver outstanding service in the most fiscally responsible manner possible.

Current Operations

The department’s current daily staffing is seven (7) Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances under the command of one Battalion Chief and one Duty Chief (Senior Command Officer). Annual call volume exceeds 12,000 calls for service consisting of 911, inter-facility, and critical care transports. Additionally, the department operates a dedicated Emergency Communications Center “MedComm” with a daily staffing of four (4) 911 Communicators. In total the department employs nearly 80 full-time and part-time Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and 911 Communicators.

  • 6 Administrative Staff
    1. Chief of EMS
    2. Deputy Chief of EMS
    3. Battalion Chief of Logistics
    4. Battalion Chief of Training
    5. Battalion Chief of Communications
    6. Administrative Assistant
  • 45 full-time Operations Personnel
    1. 3 shifts on a 48/96-hour schedule
  • 8 full-time 911 Communicators
    1. 2 rotating shifts
  • Part-time staff


  • 6 stations strategically located throughout the county.
    1. Station 1 (Headquarters)|1736 Southridge Dr.| Jefferson City
    2. Station 2 (Law Enforcement Center)|350 E. High Street| Jefferson City
    3. Station 3 (Regional West Fire)|609 Apache Trail| St. Martins
    4. Station 4 (Cole County Fire)|9714 Please Hill Road| Brazito
    5. Station 5 (Osage Fire Protection District)|6708 Rte W| Wardsville
    6. Station 6 (Cole County Fire)| 4017 County Park Road| Jefferson City