Citizens Instructional Academy


How much do Cole County citizens really know about their Sheriff’s Office? Most of what people know, or think they know, about law enforcement is something they saw on TV.
The Cole County CIA include lectures, discussions and in-person visits to various Sheriff’s Office divisions. Cole County CIA participants have the opportunity to ride-along with patrol officers to see the challenges officers face as they patrol the streets. They also have an opportunity to get a taste of the training involved in law enforcement to include vehicle stop scenarios and even a range day.
The goal of the Cole County CIA is not only to give the citizens of Cole County a deeper understanding of who we are and why we do what we do, but to also forge a stronger relationship between the Sheriff’s Office and the community we serve. 

Student Standards


1. The Cole County CIA application must be fully completed and signed before the acceptance evaluation can begin.
2. Applicants will undergo a criminal history and other background checks. Those found to have a criminal history will be individually evaluated as to the appropriateness of their attendance in the academy. Any individual found to have a felony conviction will be denied attendance. Any applicant that fails to disclose prior arrests for petty offenses, misdemeanors, or felonies will be eliminated from the application process.
3. After all the requirements are satisfied and an evaluation is completed, confirmation will be sent to all invited applicants.
4. A liability waiver release must be completed at the beginning of the first class of the Academy. 


1. Classes will be held at the Cole County Sheriff’s Office, in the training room. Students will be advised in advance of location changes.
2. Unless otherwise noted, all classes will be on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 pm and will last until 10:00 pm.
3. Participants are asked to give a serious commitment to the full 7-week course. We are asking anyone with potential conflicts to consider attending a future Academy class.
4. Students that miss two classes will not be allowed to graduate and will be asked to apply for a future Cole County CIA if they wish to complete the program. 

Classroom Conduct

1. We encourage you to enter into any and all discussions enthusiastically.
2. Several of the topics discussed during the Academy will elicit emotional responses and opinions. Participants are reminded to respect the view and position of others. While you might not agree with all statements we ask that you allow open discussion.
3. Guidelines for classroom standards and discussions will be established and presented to participants on the first day of class. 

Dress Code

1. Participants are requested to dress appropriately for the classes with comfortable and casual attire. You will be notified in advance of any classes that may require alternative clothing. 


1. All equipment and materials for the Academy will be provided by the Cole County Sheriff’s Office.

Citizens Instructional Academy Information and Application