Parks Advisory Committee

The Parks Committee was formed on February 22, 2007, to act as a sounding board for the public, be a resource for the County employees and give input for other parks in the County.  The committee has been tasked with making assessments on what the County currently has in parks and making decisions regarding pursuit of future parks by donation or purchasing property.  The 2016 Committee Members are listed below:
  • Jim Aslakson
  • Rik Combs
  • Shanon Hawk
  • Tom Piper
  • Victor Rackers
  • Laura Teske
  • Bryan Boyce
  • Eric Landwehr

Planning Commission

The Cole County Planning Commission is comprised of eight members: one volunteer citizen from each of the six political townships of the County who are appointed by the County Commission, the Director of Public Works, and one associate Cole County Commissioner. The Cole County Planning Commission reviews and approves all subdivision plats, subdivision regulation variance requests, floodplain regulation variance requests, and innovative developments. The Planning Commission also recommends revisions and updates to the Cole County Master Plan. The members of the Commission are listed below:
  • Michelle Gerstner-Clark Township
  • Dick Peerson-Marion Township
  • Calvin Broughton, Jefferson Township
  • Cathy Hennessy, Liberty Township
  • Harley Koestner, Moreau Township
  • Jeremy Tappel, Osage Township
  • Jeff Hoelscher
  • Eric Landwehr
  • Shannon Kliethermes

Road & Bridge Advisory Board

The first meeting of this board was on January 7, 1987. The board has been given the responsibility for developing sound and equitable policies and procedures to implement a Capital Improvement Program which will enhance the quality of life, increase traffic safety and maximize the use of available federal and local funds all for the betterment of Cole County. The 2016 Board Members are as follows:

  • Greg Bowman
  • James Wunderlich
  • Mike Wyss
  • Don Hillis
  • Bruce Dawson
  • Jason Otke
  • John Wheeler
  • Harry Otto
  • Larry Bishop
  • Eric Landwehr
  • Bryan Boyce

Traffic & Safety Advisory Board

The board was established on September 1, 1988.  They were charged to develop policies and procedures on items such as:  traffic problems, signing, parking, encroachments, mailbox installations, driveway entrances, fixed objects, mowing for safety, and other subjects as deemed appropriate.  The Board Members are listed below:

  • Don Neumann P.E.
  • Jason Sommerer
  • Bob Weber
  • Sam Bushman
  • John Wheeler
  • Jason Gerling
  • Bruce Bax
  • Morgan Patterson
  • Bryan Boyce
  • Eric Landwehr
  • Nick Luebbering