Current Projects

South Brooks Drive Stormwater Improvements Project-Phase 1 and 2
Complete replacement of several deteriorated pipes and inlets

​Moniteau Creek Road Bridge Removal

The old truss bridge was closed last year due to poor condition and needs to be removed.  It will not be replaced because there is another way into areas served by the road.

​Algoa Railroad Spur Extension

The railroad spur will be extended to serve Morris Packaging and is a part of an agreement between Morris, Cole County, and Jefferson City to extend the spur to coincide with the expansion of their facility.

​Tanner Bridge Safety Improvements

Five locations on Tanner Bridge Rd from Rt B to Grand Highland Subdivision have been identified for saftey improvements. Construction may begin in 2017 on one of the five.

Waterford Road/ Mt Hope Road Gravel Road Upgrade

Upgrade Waterford Road and portion of Mt Hope Road from gravel to asphalt.

Old Forge Road Bridge Replacement

Deficient bridge will be replaced using federal funds through MoDOT.

High Point Road Box Culvert Replacement

Deficient box will be replaced using federal funds through MoDOT.

Business 50 West Improvements- Phase 2

Complete reconstruction of the road to include curb and gutter, enclosed drainage, and sidewalks.  The project will continue from where the first phase ended with a three lane section past Cheyenne Drive and then taper to a two lane section past Route T.

Brookview Drive/Gateway Dr Stormwater Improvements

Capacity improvements to pipes and ilnlets near intersection. 

Woodway Court Stormwater Improvements

Replacement of deteriorated inlets and pipes and possible addition of inlets for capacity.