Other Permits

Excavation In Cole County Right-of-Way

All public streets are located on what is known as public right-of-way. This is property that is under control of Cole County (or other local governing agency) for the purpose of maintaining the streets and related improvements like drainage structures and signs.  Cole County has established regulations for working in the right-of-way or roadway in order to protect and promote safe travel.  A permit is required for any excavation or disturbance in the right-of-way or roadway.  No improvements, other than driveways or mailboxes should be placed in this right-of-way as it is not the personal property of the homeowner. Things such as bushes that are on the public right-of-way can be removed by the county if they are found to be presenting a safety hazard due to their size or height. Also, should work be necessary on a street by Cole County Public Works, anything such as sprinkler heads or fences that are placed on the right-of-way will not be replaced if they are damaged or disturbed during the road work.

The Rules For Excavation in Cole County Right-of-Way can be found below.

Road Cut and Concrete Drive Detail Drawings