Victim Services

Crime in the United States touches everybody. The job of the criminal justice system is to protect, support, and serve our communities. Most citizens do not learn about the criminal justice system until they become victims of crime - the worst possible time to try and understand the complex roles and responsibilities of each of the players in the system.

The Cole County Prosecuting Attorney's Office recognizes these intimate crimes have a dramatic effect on victims and their family members. As a result, we participate in a community response program, which provides stronger services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  The Office has three Victims' Advocates.  Christina Binkley and Chuck Walker are the Violence of Crime Act (VOCA) Advocates, specializing in crimes involving violence. Pam Otto is our domestic violence and sexual assault Victims' Advocate through RACS. Our Advocates are able to assist victims in many ways, including:
​     • Court/law enforcement advocacy
     ​• Crime victims compensation
​     • Explanations of proceedings
​     • Filing of ex parte orders and full orders of protection
​     • Hospital advocacy
​     • Resource referrals
​     • Security issues
​     • Travel arrangements
     • ​Trial settings

Rape & Abuse Crisis Service (RACS)

​The Jefferson City RACS was established in 1980 to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Since that time, RACS has grown to serve a 9-county area in mid-Missouri by providing services to all victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. These services include:
​     • 24-hour hotline (800-303-0013; in Jefferson City, 573-634-4911)
​     • Children's counseling program
​     • Court/law enforcement advocacy
​     • Crisis intervention
​     • Domestic violence counseling
​     • Hospital advocacy
​     • Public education
​     • Sexual assault counseling
​     • Shelter for battered women and their children