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Records Available Online:

The Cole County Recorder of Deeds Online Real Estate Search provides access to indexed & imaged recorded documents beginning August 1986 to current.  Our office is currently making progress on indexing deeds from 1969 through July of 1986, which will broaden the online search.  Also, please beware that Books 216 through 412 will have images but indexing is incomplete.

Search by document type or by Book and Page number(s).  

  • Tax Liens - Index & Images from 2000 - Current.
  • Marriage Licenses - Index only (1821 - Current), images available upon request.
  • Military Records - Index & Images are not available online, by request only.
  • Warranty Deeds - Index & Images from August 1986 - Current
  • Deeds of Trust - Index & Images from August 1986 - Current
    • Some Deeds of Trust images prior to August, 1999 might be locked from online viewing for security measures and a call to the office may be needed for a redacted image request.
    • Also, please note if trying to view a Deed of Trust image from January of 1970 through August the 9th of 1999, that the letters "DT" will need to be placed before the book number.


To view the Deed of Trust with Book 180 & Page 400, you would enter "DT180" in the Book Field and then "400" in the Page Field.

esample - book page search

RMIS Instrument Search Criteria

Date Recorded:
If no dates are entered, the search will run against all records from August 15, 1986 to current date.  To search for a specific day or range, enter the month, day, year(mm/dd/yyyy) in the date recorded field through the ending date recorded field.

Example: example - date recorded instrument criteria

Party Criteria:
Enter the grantor or Grantee name, select the name type and pres enter or find now.  The parts of the name must be entered into the appropriate search field.  You do not have to specify the entire name when searching, it is, however, best to qualify the name as much as possible.

To search for Jack Smith, you would enter in Jack Smith in the Party Name Field.

To search just for Jack Smith but only as a Grantor, you would enter Jack Smith in the Party Name Field and change Party Type to Grantor.

example - party name and type search

Platted Criteria
A platted parcel will have a subdivision name, block and lot number, rather than portions of sections.  To search for a platted parcel enter the subdivision name & lot number (block number is not always necessary).

Input: Timber Hills Subdivision Section 1, Lot 6.  Then hit enter or search button. 

example - platted search

Unplatted Criteria
Unplatted property refers to land that has not been plotted(not in a subdivision).  It is defined by the "metes and bounds" description (boundary lines of land with their terminal points and angles).

Cole County Township & Ranges are 10W - 14W & Townships 41N - 46N. 

Input: Section 12 Township 41 Range 10 (S12 T41 R41). Then hit enter or the search button.

example - unplatted search