MEOC Request Checklist

  • Preplanning
    • Documented Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement with Missouri Fire Marshal  (enables use of VFIRE21 - VFIRE26)
    • Documented Missouri State Interoperability Committee frequency MOU and have channels programmed into all agency radio equipment  (MTAC, VCALL10, VTAC11-14, VTAC 33-38)
    • Agencies that utilize MoSWIN need to ensure all devices are programmed with all Statewide Interoperability talkgroups, and all interoperability talkgroups applicable to their region.
    • Documented MEOC Frequency Authorization and Sharing MOU on-file for conventional analog channels that are to be programmed into MEOC radio equipment.
    • 911 PSAPs will need to pre-plan with their 911 provider and ERT to ensure successful transfer of alarm, administrative, and 911 calls.
    • Review the MEOC Capabilities Profile  
    • Request MEOC Non-emergency deployments for routine training and familiarization
    • Provide power for MEOC if desired
  • During an Incident
    • Within Region F: Contact Jefferson City Central Dispatch 573-634-6400 and request MEOC. Provide name and call-back number.
    • Elsewhere within Missouri: Contact the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency or the Missouri Fire Marshal's office, and request the Cole County Type-II Mobile EOC.  Provide name and call-back number.
    • You will receive a callback from the ERT to acknowledge request, and to obtain mission objectives and intent, location, etc.
    • Prepare an ICS-205 Communications Plan and have available to transmit to an ERT officer that will return your call while the team is assembling for deployment.
    • Identify an appropriate location for deployment of MEOC  (level ground, no overhead obstructions, improved surface, etc)
  1. Emergency Response Team (ERT)

    Physical Address
    1736 Southridge Dr
    Jefferson City, MO 65109

    Mailing Address

    Jefferson City, MO 65109

    Fax: 573-634-5666