Submit a Photo

Calling all amateur or professional photographers!  

Cole County is looking for fresh photographs for our Cole County website, social media, and publications!  

We are looking for pictures that illustrate why Cole County is a great place to live and work.

  • Photos should be .jpg, .tif, or .png format.  Landscape orientation works best for our home page but portrait orientation images will be shown periodically to showcase our county as well.
  • Photos should only feature places and activities within Cole County.
  • Possible photo ideas may include:
    • Activities 
    • Festivals, picnics, concerts or other events - pictures of crowds are best  NOTE:  Any photo of individuals that are easily identifiable and not part of a crowd must include permission from those individuals before submitting
    • Historic photos of Cole County
    • Landscapes, landmarks, cities and towns

SubmitPhotoButtonIf you have trouble submitting photos with this form or have questions, please email me at or call 573-634-8901.