Logistics Division


The Cole County EMS Logistics Division is responsible for the procurement and distribution of all supplies utilized by the department.  Additionally, the Logistics Division is also responsible for overseeing our vehicle fleet and coordinating repair and preventative maintenance with our vehicle repair contractor.


Cole County EMS utilizes several methods to obtain goods and services.  Whenever possible, the agency utilizes Cooperative Procurement Vehicles to leverage contract pricing and reduce costs.  If Cooperative Procurement is not available, any item over $12,000, or instances when the County would spend $12,000 or more with a single vendor in a 90-day period, those services/items will be placed out for sealed competitive bids.  As required by policy, the department will always recommend bids be awarded to the vendor supplying the best and lowest items or service.

The Cole County Purchasing Department is responsible for all competitive bid processes.  To learn more about our purchasing practices or to view open bid, please visit https://www.colecounty.org/287/Purchasing.

Cole County EMS does not allow unscheduled solicitation or sales visits. To arrange a sales visit, please contact the Logistics Chief at (573) 616-6172.