Logistics Division


Our Responsibility

Cole County Emergency Medical Services primary goal is to provide the best prehospital patient care possible, in the most efficient manner possible. As required by State Statute, CCEMS will always recommend, and/or purchase, the best and lowest goods and services. Emergency Medical Services is both a public safety organization and a healthcare organization. As such, the cost of equipment and supplies is high and our smart utilization of taxpayer money in our approach to procurement as allowed us to extended our ability to purchase additional and much needed lifesaving equipment.

Logistics Division

The Cole County Emergency Medical Services Logistic Division is responsible for the procurement and distribution of all medical and non-medical supplies utilized by the Department. All procurement begins with the Logistics Division and is then reviewed by a member of Senior Administration.

Additionally, the Logistics Division is responsible for the proper maintaining of the fleet of ambulances and staff quick response vehicles (QRVs) to ensure their ability to response and safely transport patients.


In order to meet this goal CCEMS utilizes several means to obtain goods and services. We utilize Cooperative Procurement whenever possible. Additionally, if cooperative procurement is not available, items over $6,000 or when the County would spend $6,000 or more with a single vendor in a 90 day period, will be placed out for sealed bids.

All bidding documents and processes once prepared for release are performed by the County’s Purchasing Department. You may learn more about here

We do not allow unscheduled solicitation at CCEMS and unscheduled sales representatives will be asked to leave and schedule a time to meet. To contact the Logistics Chief, please call (573) 616-6172.