Community Partners

Jefferson City Cosmopolitan Club (Cosmo Club)

Individuals who are pre-diabetic, recently diagnosed with diabetes, or chronic diabetics have the opportunity to have hands-on instructional cooking classes. Nutritionists or dieticians will counsel individuals about the types of foods they should eat, the portion sizes and how to prepare those foods while interacting in the kitchen environment. Once the food is prepared, everyone will be able to taste it. The end goal is that participants will have a better understanding that healthy food options are delicious when prepared correctly. Learn more about the Cosmopolitan Club Here.  

Lions Club

An organization provides free vision screenings and referrals for children in the community. Vision issues and sometimes serious health issues are detected in the screenings that children do not always receive elsewhere. The Lions Club also provides eye exams and glasses to community members that cannot afford the services themselves in addition to the screenings for children. Individuals that have a need will be referred to CCHD for eligibility review. Once eligibility requirements are reviewed and the application is approved, CCHD refers the client to a participating optometrist for an appointment. Lastly, the Lions Club stores and sorts donated eyeglasses at CCHD. The glasses are sterilized, measured, photographed, and cataloged, then offered online to individuals who do not have resources to obtain eyeglasses, as well as being dispensed on mission trips. Learn more about the Lions Club Here.

Capital Shrine Club

They provide screenings for referrals for children to the Shriners Hospital in St. Louis, MO. This hospital provides care for children in the specialty areas of Orthopedics, Burn Care, Spinal Cord Injury, and Cleft Lip and Palate, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. The Capital Shrine Club works with the Masonic Children’s Foundation to provide the MO Child Identification Protection (MOCHIP) Program at CCHD. The MOCHIP Program is a comprehensive child identification program designed to give Missouri families a measure of protection in the event of missing or abducted children. The parents or guardians receive a disc with digital photographs, digital fingerprints, and child information including emergency contacts, dental bite impressions, and two laminated identification cards, all free of charge. The Masonic Children’s Foundation does not retain any of the child’s information. Only the signed permission form is retained by the Foundation. Learn more about the Capital Shrine Club Here.

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