Property Deed Solicitations


Cole County Recorder of Deeds, Judy Ridgeway, said, once again, another company is trying to take advantage of Cole County citizens; and is urging county residents to be cautious of mail offers to provide copies of legal documents.  "Property owners in the Cole County area are continuing to receive letters from private companies offering a copy of their deed for an excessive fee, typically $80 or more."  The most recent offer in Cole County comes from a company bearing a Jefferson City address, which might trick residents to think the letter comes from a state-affiliated office.  According to the letter, the company "is not associated with any governmental agency."

These companies charge significantly more than one would pay obtaining copies of property deeds directly from the Cole County Recorder's Office.  Fees at the Recorder's Office are $1 per page plus $1 for certification.  Most property deeds are no more than one or two pages long which usually will cost less than $5.

The Recorders' Association of Missouri has contacted the Missouri Attorney General's Office regarding these types of offers from companies; but should anyone receive one of these letters, Cole County Recorder, Judy Ridgeway, urges those affected to ignore it and contact her office to obtain copies of their property deeds.

To obtain a copy of a property deed, property owners may visit the Cole County Recorder's Office at 311 E. High St, Rm 101, or call 573-634-9115

Example of Property Deed Solicitation