Special Operations

Tactical Medicine-

In partnership with the Cole County Sheriff’s Department, Cole County EMS provides specially trained personnel to fill the role of Tactical Medicine Specialists on the Cole County SWAT Team.  Tactical Medicine Specialists assist in rendering triage and treatment of any life-threatening injuries to civilians or law enforcement personnel during tactical operations.  The specialized training of the Tactical Medicine Specialists enables them to operate safely and effectively in dynamic the environments associated with tactical situations.  In addition, our Tactical Medicine Specialists serve as the SWAT team’s “medical officers”  by providing preventive health activities during both tactical operations and training evolutions.

 To be considered for the role of Tactical Medicine Specialists, EMS personnel must have previous law enforcement or military experience, be able to pass a physical ability test, and qualify with applicable firearms.  Each of our Tactical Medicine Specialists are Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course (TCCC) Instructors and have completed a basic SWAT operations training course.

Critical Care-

Cole County EMS is proud to deliver critical care interfacility transfer capabilities.  Each of our platoons has a dedicated Critical Care Paramedic assigned to the shift. In addition, each clinical command staff member has also completed a critical care training course.  When a critical care transfer is requested, the designated on-duty Critical Care Paramedic Ambulance, and a Chief Officer are assigned to the call.  This deployment model allows us to provide two critical care level providers for patient care, while utilizing an EMT as the apparatus operator.  To be designated a critical care provider, a Paramedic must complete an authorized critical care course or obtain board certification as a Flight Paramedic or Critical Care Ground Paramedic.

 Critical Care Capabilities Include-

  • Drug Assisted Airway Placement.
  • Advanced Surgical Procedures.
  • Blood Product Administration.
  • Point of Care Ultrasound.
  • Administration of Vasoactive Medications.
  • Invasive and Non-Invasive Mechanical Ventilation.
  • Transport of Ventricular Assist Devices: Balloon Pump/IMPELLA.
  • IV Infusion Pumps.