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July 25, 2023

Fuel Leak Containment

Update: Cole County Public Works rushes to contain fuel leak

Cole County Public Works Makes Significant Progress in Containing Fuel Leak
JEFFERSON CITY, MO – On Monday morning, Cole County Public Works responded to a fuel leak from one of their diesel fuel tanks located on Monticello Road, which had led to a report of diesel odor and a "pink and rainbow sheen" found in a creek across Highway 54 on the Lincoln University Alan T. Busby Farm. Cole County Public Works shut off the fuel tanks and began an operation to contain and dam the diesel fuel until environmental cleanup teams arrived later in the day.

As of Tuesday morning, they have identified the leak's location and are working to dig wells at the leak site to collect the contamination directly from its source. As the clean-up operation continues, Cole County Public Works remains committed to minimizing environmental impact and safeguarding their local communities.
"We are committed to a full cleanup of this spill." Eric Landwehr, Director of Public Works said. "We want to thank our staff and community partners for their quick response and helping us start the mitigation process quickly."

While the investigation into the exact cause of the leak is ongoing, initial findings show that the leak occurred between the tank and pumps. Emergency response crews from Environmental Works, Inc. have been working since early Monday evening to contain and collect the fuel. Additional crews are also on scene working to repair and determine the cause of the incident. Cole County Public Works and its partners are thoroughly analyzing the incident to improve response and to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

For additional information, please contact the Public Works Department at 636-3614.

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